Southern Sportswear

It is safe to say that the South has risen, again! With the likes of Southern Proper, Southern Tide, Southern Point and Lilly Pulitzer, preppy styles are as close to the top as they have ever been. The new styles are so powerful, even our seasoned friends are trading in their Old Blues.

There is nothing more Southern than seersucker and madras. Both fabrics are light weight and comfortable for those steamy-hot summer days that seem to go on forever. Even well after the fireflies and crickets give way to oyster roasts and dove hunts, true Southern men are still wearing their plaid shorts and tee shirts.

This year, it’s all about color. It’s not just basic black and white with several shades of khaki and gray added in for variety. Color palates include various shades of blue, green, yellow, and red. Even the resurgence of the plaid shirt has taken on multiple shades of coral, teal, aqua, and lavender.

Southern gentlemen have never looked better! 


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